Contemporary Actor Training

Workshops & Classes

Rob coaches one to one on audition pieces, screen reels and with students preparing for examinations and the practical components for MA reels, showcases, A-Level, BTECH, LAMDA, TRINITY.

Workshops are running Spring 2018 onwards, please contact for further details.

What can you expect from the workshops and process?

  • Psycho-physical play and exploration -' climbing out of your head and back into your body'.
  • Freeing up expression -'unblocking' and emotional hygiene
  • Drawing and penning our experience in the safe space.
  • Mapping the acting landscape using grids and floor plans
  • The spatialization of emotions tapping into 'gut instinct'
  • How we mix emotions - consciously and unconsciously
  • Reflection: listening and observing others: mapping the psycho physical experience.
  • Playing with opposition and surprising choices
  • Text and devising: The symbiosis of the thought / feeling / action centres.
  • Diary mapping the psychophysical experience and transferring it to role and character development.

"I found this work to be like a breath of fresh air, to dive into pure emotion and to visit these places...."

"…Rob has an extremely creative approach to teaching Drama and his love & energy for the subject are boundless. He also infects his pupils with a love of acting and the theatre. He is a natural leader of young people and they respond wholly positively to him.  He has very high expectations of each of his pupils and supports or challenges them sensitively in order to bring out a love of drama in them.  Rob 's Acting Shakespeare adults’ classes for non-actors were also highly popular and inspiring. His gift for drama was very much appreciated wherever he taught in and around Barcelona."

Audrey Reeder, The Olive Tree School, Sitges, Spain.